Mother's Day


Ditch the real flowers and play Music Bingo with Mum on Mother’s Day

Play in person

Plug your device into a sound system or cast your audio to some speakers so everyone can hear the tunes.


Play over video/audio conference

Make sure you share your audio in the video call app you're using. More info on this on the Help Page

When you're ready click the link below and we'll load up the music bingo host page with the game code for the mother’s day selection. Then simply hit 'Start Hosting'.

Then all you need to do is share your 4-letter game code with players and for them to enter at and they'll be in. Join yourself on another device but make sure you keep the host screen open.

Start the game when everyone is in. First to get 4 in a row, column or diagonal hits call bingo and wins!

You can also do a test run as a single player beforehand. Still having problems? Check the Help Page or drop us an email