Music Bingo

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How to Create a Playlist

  1. Create your own collection of music clips by selecting the Create a Playlist option
  2. Select Add Song
  3. Go to and find a song you would like to include in the Music Bingo game
  4. Copy the YouTube link to the song and paste it into the YouTube link field.
  5. Specify the Start time and End time in seconds (this allows you to select a section of the song to play) e.g. start at 10 seconds and end at 30 seconds would play that 20 second section of the song during Bingo.
  6. Make sure you click the Test Embedded Videos button on each song you add as some YouTube videos disallow embedding and therefore won’t work with Music Bingo
  7. Keep adding songs until you have at least 24-36 songs in the Playlist. Adding more songs will create a larger pool of songs to be randomly selected during the game.
  8. Click Save All to save your Playlist. You can also save incrementally as you build the list to keep your progress.
  9. Bookmark the link and/or save the Host Code that pops up to return to your playlist when you are ready to start hosting.

How to Host a Game

  1. After creating your Playlist return to the Bookmarked link that you saved when you created the Playlist. You can also click Host A Game and enter your previously saved Host code.
  2. If you will be screensharing the YouTube videos (not just the audio) select the option to Make the video invisible at the start to hide the title of the video
  3. Select the number of songs you wish to include in the game from the Reduce Song Pool Size dropdown or leave as Do Not Reduce to include all songs.
  4. Go to your Bookmarked link and click Create Game
  5. Invite your friends (at least 2 are required and the more the merrier!) to join you over voice or video chat. If you are hosting using Zoom, ensure you (the host) have the following settings ENABLED: “Optimize screen sharing for video clip” (if you are screensharing the music video) + “Share computer sound”
  6. Make sure everyone’s audio/mics are working properly.
  7. Once everyone is online send your friends the 4 letter invite code to join your game on their PC/tablet..
  8. Play the music clips to the players over voice/videochat and follow the instructions in the hosting pages as you go. You can pause the clips using the embedded player.

Note: If you have a Youtube subscription you won’t see any disruptive ads during the playback.

How to Play

  1. Login to your voice/video chat platform of choice
  2. Make sure your audio/mic/video is working properly.
  3. Enter the 4 letter invite code in on as supplied by your host and create your Player Name
  4. Wait for the host to start the game
  5. The host will play songs and you need to tap to select songs on your bingo card when you hear them.
  6. When you have 4 songs highlighted in a row, column or diagonally then hit 'Call Bingo'.
  7. If you selected some songs incorrectly you will be blocked from calling bingo again for 3 songs.