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How to Host

  1. Invite your friends (minimum of 2) to join you over voice or video chat.
  2. Make sure everyone’s audio/mics are working properly.
  3. Once everyone is online and audible, click "Host Categorical".
  4. Send your friends the 4 letter invite code to join your game on their PC/tablet/phone.
  5. You can play also on another device/screen (just be fair with your scoring)
  6. Starting

  7. Once everyone has joined the game, explain the rules briefly (there are instructions on their screen also)
  8. Make sure everyone is ready to go and click "Everyone is Ready!"
  9. The round starts immediately and players begin to fill out their answers before the time runs out
  10. Scoring

  11. At the end of each round as host you need to mark answers as incorrect
  12. Click any duplicate or incorrect answers to move them to the 'incorrect/duplicated' section.
  13. Determine correct answers by asking the players or deciding yourself via Google etc
  14. "A", "An" and "The" are not included. So for example 'The Big Lebowski' would be a movie starting with B
  15. Clicking 'Done' at the bottom will show all players the leaderboard
  16. When finished discussing the leaderboard click 'Done' to immediately jump into the next round

How to Play Categorical

  1. Login to your voice/video chat platform of choice
  2. Make sure your audio/mic is working properly.
  3. Enter the 4 letter invite code at as supplied by your host and create your Player Name.
  4. Wait for the other players to join and the host to start the game
  5. Once the game starts you will be told the letter words must start with for the round
  6. Fill out your responses for each category making sure to use the starting letter
  7. "A", "An" and "The" are not included. So for example 'The Big Lebowski' would be a movie starting with B
  8. When the round ends the host will mark responses, any responses too similar will not score as won't any incorrect answers
  9. When the host has finished marking the responses you will be shown the leaderboard