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How to Create a Trivia Game

You are the quiz master of your own Trivia game!

  1. Create your own set of trivia questions, multiple choice or free text. You can also add images to your questions.
  2. Click Save All to save your Trivia Questions. You can also save incrementally as you build the list to keep your progress.
  3. Bookmark the link and/or save the Host Code that pops up to return to your saved questions when you are ready to start hosting.

How to Host a Trivia Game

  1. After creating your trivia questions return to the Bookmarked link that you saved when you created the trivia questions. You can also click Host A Game and enter your previously saved Host code.
  2. Invite your friends to join you over voice or video chat
  3. Make sure everyone’s audio/mics are working properly.
  4. Once everyone is online, send your friends the 4 letter invite code to join your game on their PC/tablet. Make sure everyone’s audio/mics are working properly.
  5. Read out the questions to the players and follow the instructions in the hosting screen as you go.

How to Play

  1. Login to your voice/video chat platform of choice
  2. Make sure your audio/mic is working properly.
  3. Enter the 4 letter invite code at as supplied by your host and create your Player Name
  4. Wait for the host to start the game.
  5. The host will read questions aloud over voice or videoconference.
  6. Answer the questions using your PC or mobile device
  7. Answer the most questions correctly to win!