What's New

1st August 2022

Another new trivia question type for supporters!

The Closest Wins question type awards the points to the player/team that gets closest number to the answer.

7th July 2022

New trivia features for our amazing supporters!

Trivia now has a buzzer question type, players can buzz in to answer a question, first correct gets the points.

We’ve also added a share screen which you can put on a second monitor or stream to show players the question/image/choices and who answered what.

20th May 2022

New upgrades for both Music Bingo and Trivia!

Trivia now has optional unranked choose any questions, and optional set order choices, pop-out player joining screen and inbuilt timer (supporter only).

Music bingo has a pop-out player so you can share that window in your streaming or put on another screen for in person hosting. Also a new supporter only game mode called Challenge mode.

6th May 2022

Mother's Day music bingo released along with hosting instructions More Info

25th January 2022

Major site update. Supporter option added to remove ads, personal library of your creations, and additional game modes (coming soon). Supporter Sign In

10th September 2021

A new game Starships has been added

Destroy your opponent's starships before they take out yours! Play here

24th August 2021

Many usability fixes applied to all games, based on user feedback.

20th August 2021

A new game Blocked has been added

Place different blocks on a grid and try to create rows/columns. Co-Operative and Competitive game modes. Play here

17 Feb 2021

Our new game Categorical is up and running!

Guess words from a variety of categories that start with a different random letter each round. Play here

9 Feb 2021

The Music Bingo library is now setup for you to host premade song lists from

Pick from a variety of genres/themes here

19 Dec 2020

Tis the season to be Whamageddoned!

We've done the hard work for you and created a Christmas Music Bingo to be played with your friends and family.

Start your music bingo here

15 Sept 2020

The hosting page for Slices now has more configuration options to customise gameplay for more word guessing party fun!

You can choose the round format, timings and adjust the game difficulty level.

Oh won't somebody think of the anagrams!

4 Sept 2020

Fathers Day Trivia

Looking for something to do for Father's Day in lockdown?

We've created some Dad Based Trivia Questions you can play over video/voice conference. 20 questions about famous dads and other dad-related trivia are ready to go here

Fathers Day Music Bingo

One of our Neon Pizza community members has canvassed their friends to put together a list of Dad's favourite songs for Father's Day Music Bingo.

You can play Father's Day Music Bingo through video conferencing (like zoom, skype, teams etc) and sharing your screen and audio with your party. Then you just click on the here and create a game.

Ask your friends and family to go to neon.pizza on their phone/tablet or PC and enter the 4 digit code that you see on your screen. Everyone will then see their own ’bingo’ sheet on their device and listen to the songs through the meeting.

The songs in Father's Day Bingo range in genres and decades with classics from Dire Straits, Jeff Buckley, Queen to Aqua. The list is ready to go, no set up necessary! Hopefully this will help make your iso-Father's Day a little less iso!

28 Aug 2020

Developing Word Pizza Game - anagram solving game to be played in head to head or co-operative mode.

See this page for more instructions on how to play

27 Aug 2020

Created a prebuilt deck of cards for Blanks here

The set uses Community Created Cards Against Humanity sets from JSON Against Humanity. You can use this set to host your own Blanks game with.

26 Aug 2020

Created sets of trivia questions in multiple categories that are ready to be hosted and played, no set up required.

Topics include;

  • General
  • General (Melbourne/Australia specific questions)
  • Music Trivia (Weather themed music clips)
  • Movie Directors
  • Pets in TV
  • Puppets

See the full list of premade trivia games here

9 Aug 2020

Blanks game is good to go! Players can create their own sets of card decks to play with friends or use a pre-built deck of cards from JSON against Humanity.

See the instructions page for more details

1 Aug 2020

Music Bingo creator is up and running. Hosts can create their own playlists of music clips and host a game for multiple players.

Players will have their own Bingo card that they mark off as songs are played (and correctly identified!).

Start a new Music Bingo playlist here