Host a Game

Blocked Trivia Starships Slices Music Bingo Categorical Blanks

Place blocks to make rows and columns to earn points. Cooperative and Competitive game modes.

1 to MANY players


Host your own customised trivia game over voice or videoconference! Create your own questions and let the fun begin!

2 to MANY players


Destroy your opponent's starships before they take out yours!

2-4 Teams of players (can be 1 player per team)


A word game you can play in teams or as individuals.

1 to MANY players including host

Music Bingo

Host your own Music Bingo by creating a custom playlist of songs. Players must guess the songs played and mark off the song names on their Bingo card as they are played. Be the first to get 4 in a row correct and call BINGO!

2 to MANY players including host


A word guessing game. Name words belonging to a variety of categories starting with a different letter each round. Earn points for unique answers.

2 to MANY players including host


A game of Fill-in-the-Blanks where you compete against each other to play the funniest BLANK. Create your own custom set of Blank and Fillers and play Blanks over voice or videochat to create a fun party vibe.

3 to MANY players (plays best with groups of 8+, host can join in)